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They played with style and a certain aristocratic pedigree: a concise, exact projection of an artistic conception that rendered the music clear and comprehensible. Their music-making could be best described as “old-fashioned.” This is how the great Russian musicians played a couple of generations ago, mixing bold colours with delicate washes of refined and sophisticated timbres, creating the depth of a fine painting. The ensemble was marvelous. the concert had the effect not of making time stand still, but actually of transporting the audience through time.
Mariinsky (Kirov)
Theatre Gazette

The players are young but very talented. All have won
numerous international competitions and have played with various Russian and foreign ensembles and organisations. They are clearly a group to be watched as they move through their 30s.
American Record Guide

The St. Petersburg Chamber Soloists (formerly the "Saint-Petersburg Chamber Players") is made up of five permanent members who perform in ensembles ranging from duo to quintet. Performances of the sextet and octet literature are undertaken with the addition of guest artists. Their repertoire consists of works spanning three centuries, including Russian chamber music.

Tradition unites the members of the St. Petersburg Chamber Soloists as all its members are graduates of the world renowned St.Petersburg Conservatoire. Its fundamental repertoire is directly linked to this Conservatoire, whose founders and directors were the very soul of 19th century Romantic Russian musical literature: Rubinstein, Glasunov, Wieniawski and Auer. Their virtuosic technique, allied with a profound sense of lyricism, sets this ensemble apart.

The current Ensemble has been together since 1995. However, its origins go back more than ten years, when Alexei Ludevig first began organising and performing chamber music concerts in his native city of Leningrad. Since then, The St.Petersburg Chamber Soloists have performed to popular and critical acclaim throughout the Russia, Western Europe, and the United States.

Dvorak is everywhere and always the melodist, and while the Sony disc, featuring “all-star band” of Emanuel Ax, Isac Stern, Jaime Laredo and Yo-Yo Ma are certainly the more refined and elegant (and more sweetly lyrical), there is an energy and rawness to the performance of the St. Petersburg Chamber Players that gets closer to the heart of Dvorak’s folk inspirations.
Ednomton Journal

These musicians from St. Petersburg... personify perfection in chamber music. Hearing them was extraordinary experience... Chamber music lovers, don’t miss a chance to hear them!

They were really great event of Bad Kissinger’s summer. All of them: Ilia Ioff, Lidia Kovalenko, Alexei Ludevig, Alexei Massarsky, Igor Uryash are incredible musicians. Besides, they presented the music area absolutely unknown to the West. Suddenly became clear that this Terra incognita still hiding many discoveries.
Saal- Zeitung


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