Classical Music of St.Petersburg

Classical Music of St.Petersburg

Sergey Oskolkov and His Friends


Palace-and-park ensemble Peterhof and Oranienbaum
The I-IV International Arts Festival
Beginning of June, annualy
Palace-and-park ensemble "Peterhof" and "Oranienbaum"

The I - IV "Sergey Oskolkov and His Friends" International Arts Festival is a fascinating event in the St. Petersburg cultural life. This celebration of music, art, poetry and film, takes place every year in the beginning of June, to the excitement of its audience, which includes both new admirers and old fans.


Sergey Oskolkov is a St.Petersburg composer and pianist, member of the Russian Composers' Union and also of the Modern Music Association, who has united artists, musicians and poets of the same spiritual and creative inclinations around his festival. The International Oskolkov Arts Festival takes place in former royal and aristocratic palaces, which are now museums, such as historic reserves "Peterhof" and "Oranienbaum". These jewels of architecture are located in the middle of magnificent parks and gardens. The interweaving of nature and artifice creates a unique atmosphere, which makes the festival a perfect opportunity for creative expression and dialogue.


The festival organizers decided to conduct their event in Peterhof and Oranienbaum in order to revive great cultural traditions of the past. They wanted to return the former importance to the old St.Petersburg suburbs, which used to be centers of social and cultural life in the summer. It was in the summer, that the Royal family moved to their estates outside St.Petersburg, where the cultural elite followed them.

The "Sergey Oskolkov and His Friends" International Arts Festival offers symphonic and chamber concerts, performances of string ensembles and soloists, exhibitions of modern paintings, graphic arts, sculpture, and applied art. It also includes screenings of documentary films about Russian art celebrities, poetry readings, ballet and theater productions.

Prominent Russian and international musicians, artists, poets, and directors take part in the festival events. In every artistic milieu, the festival combines tradition, experiment, and improvisation, thus getting its audience involved in creative expression and turning its visitors into its active participants during the entire program, which usually lasts several days.

V International Art Festival
“Sergei Oskolkov and his friends”

1-10 June 2001

1 June, Friday

“Petrovsky Narodny Bank”, Peterhoff - 15.00
Opening of exhibition of modern artists from St.Petersburg.

Throne Hall of the Grand Palace of Peterhoff - 18.00
“It is only to love that music is inferior…”
Opening concert
(Caccini, Rachmaninoff, Godard, Tosti, Schumann, R.Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Vakulenko, Grieg, Oskolkov, Albиniz , Granados, Falla)
Soloists of Mariinsky Opera House, Mussorgsky Ballet and Opera House, Schostakovitch Philharmonic Society of St.Petersburg – Galina Sidorenko (mezzo-soprano), Nickolay Ostrovsky (tenor), Gennady Nickonov (trumpet), Sergei Roldugin (cello) and others.

2 June, Saturday

“Znamenka” Manor - 18.00
“It is so nice here…”
(Bulakhov, Alyabiev, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Mozart, Liszt, Russian folk music)
Natalia Vlasova (soprano), Anatoly Timofeev (baritone), Sergei Oskolkov (piano), “Zabava” group: Marina and Vladimir Fonin

3 June, Sunday

Stone Hall, Oranienbaum - 18.00
“Our friends from Germany”
(Chopin, Vivaldi, Bach, Bizet, Beethoven)
Chamber orchestra “Kaiserin-Friedrich Schule” (Bad-Homburg, Germany), conductor Albrecht Reuter

4 June, Monday

Peter I Palace, Strelna - 18.00
“Refined entertainment”
(Karulli, Vivaldi, Bach, Granados, Albиnis, Rodrigo)
Guitar duet – Larissa Churaeva, Ilya Permyakov

5 June, Tuesday

Small Exhibition and Concert Hall, Oranienbaum - 15.00
“June Art Exhibition”
Works by St.Petersburg, Bryansk, Hamburg and London painters.

Stone Hall, Oranienbaum - 18.00
“Black and White St. Petersburg” (dedicated to 95th anniversary of D. Schostakovitch)
(Schostakovitch, Panchenko, Kulikova, Shumilov, Zhuravlev)
“Russian Tradition” Association
Concert choir of Mussorgsky Ballet and Opera House; art director and conductor Vladimir Stolpovskikh

6 June, Wednesday

Small Exhibition and Concert Hall, Oranienbaum - 15.00
“The Second Wind”
Alexander Oskolkov – a poet, a writer and a musician

Stone Hall, Oranienbaum - 18.00
“AMM presents”
Music of late XX – early XXI cc.
(Arkhimandritov, Korchmar, Barnard, Oskolkov, Uspensky, Francois, Firtich)

7 June, Thursday

The House of Anjou, Oranienbaum - 15.00
“The Lilac City”
Visit to the site of the International Symposium on Sculpture and Ceramics

Small Exhibition and Concert Hall, Oranienbaum - 18.00
“That is how the poets lived…”
St. Petersburg poets read their works
“Paris Suite” + the milk-shake party

8 June, Friday

Stone Hall, Oranienbaum - 15.00
“Solo, Pas-de-deux, Pas-de-trois”
Piano concert
(Skryabin, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Oskolkov, Lutoslavsky)
Tatiana Lelyakova (Bryansk, Russia), Alena Smirnova (Hamburg, Germany) and Sergei Oskolkov

“Aurora” cinema, Peterhoff - 18.00
“The Calf”. Film by A. Sokurov
Leonid Mozgovoy – the leading role actor – a guest of the Festival

9 June, Saturday

Stone Hall, Oranienbaum - 15.00
“Sergei Oskolkov Jr. and his friends”
The concert of laureates of International contests for youth

Stone Hall, Oranienbaum - 18.00
“Counterpoint of Time”
(Roslavez, Prokofiev, Moniuszko, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Franзaix)
Russian, French and Swiss musicians – Andrei Slavniy (baritone), Claire Moniuszko (piano), Mark Belodubrovsky (violin), Dorotea Gysin-Ninck Dorothea (piano), Adil Fedorov (clarinet), Andrei Bolshianov (clarinet), Alexander Oskolkov (clarinet), Tatiana Zagorovskaya (piano)

10 June, Sunday

Stone Hall, Oranienbaum - 15.00
“NACHTIGALs from Bryansk” - folklore group “Solovushki” and other young musicians from Bryansk
“Blitz-improvisation”: Polina Runovskaya (soprano) and Nickolay Rubanov (saxophone), Mark Belodubrovsky (violin), Sergei Oskolkov (piano) and everyone wishing to participate

Stone Hall, Oranienbaum - 18.00
“…But love is a melody too”
Closing concert
(Kornakov, Mozart, Falik, Malashkin, Villa Lobos, Dunaevsky)
Soloists of Mariincky Opera House, Mussorgsky Ballet and Opera House, Schostakovitch Philharmonic Society of St. Petersburg – Natalia Vlasova (soprano), Andrei Slavny (baritone), Anatoly Timofeev (baritone), Artem Mikaelian (сorn), Irina Sharapova (piano) and others

Presenter of all concerts – Olga Vorsina


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