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These programs are offered
by St.Petrsburg's musicians for Concert Managers.

Sasha Boldachev, harpist, composer - midi and classical music online

Harp recital
Boldachev Sasha (17-year-old)
schoolboy of the specialized musical school
attached to St.Petersburg State Conservatoire
Harp works by classical composers
Harp works by contemporary Russian composers
Own Sasha's harp works.

Music for two mandolins or two domras and piano
Russian Virtuosi Project
Russian and italian national melodies, classical music
and works of the contemporary composers

Chamber vocal music of the contemporary St.Petersburg composers (Sergey Slonimsky, Valery Gavrilin etc.)
Petr Migunov (bass)
Irina Sharapova (piano)

Igor Gavrilov is the premier performer of many works of these composers.

Two centuries of Russian Classical Romance (Art song, Lied)
Russian classical romances (art songs, lied)
concerts of vocal music of Russian composers, voice lessons and master classes,
CDs, classical music online, Real Audio sound, midi files, sheet music download, songs texts.

St. Petersburg Double Duet "Ma.Gr.Ig.Al."
A.Chaikovsky “Tsar Nikita and his 40 daughters”
small opera for big grownups
based on Pushkin tale (soloists from the Mariinsky Theatre-V. Felenchak-tenor, M.Petrenko-bass).
I.Ponomarenko, City mysteria “Passions for Kashtanka”
(libretto- V.Fridman, based on A.P. Chehov plot “Kashtanka” in co-operation with musical theatre “Zazerkalye”)
“Ways of Love”
music of French composers K.Debussy, A.Satie, G.Fore, F.Pulenk, Zh. Masne, Sh. Guno etc. (soloist-A.Slavny-baritone).
G. Bize “Carmen Suite”
(with drum instruments)
“Pushkin and Music”
Glinka, Chaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Sviridov, Grechaninov, Dargomyzhsky, Glazunov, Kyui, Aleksandrov etc. (soloist A. Slavny).
“Mozart and Rossini”
(soloist M.Lyud’ko-soprano, A. Slavny- baritone)
Popular music for violin
(soloist- I.Ioff)
Music from the Russian Cinema – 20 century
(soloist A.Slavny).

Silver age of Russian sacred music
Vocal ensemble - a-capella "Peacock's feather"

The Male Choir of St. Petersburg:
Christmas in Russia

sacred music by A. Kastalsky, M. Ippolitov-Ivanov, K. Shvedov,
A. Arkhangelsky, G. Sviridov, national music - "Koliadki"
Hymns of Easter
sacred music by P. Tchaikovsky, S. Rachmaninov,
K. Shvedov, D. Bortniansky
Music of Icons
religion's plots in music
Ave Maria
Christmas in Europe
Folk songs
Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian songs
Painting and music
The Russian Warrior's Songs
military chorales, anthems, epic legends, cantata

The New Philharmonic Quartet:
Stravinsky "Three Pieces"
Glazunov "Novelettas"
Schumann "Piano Quintet Es-Major
coming up in 1999-2000 at the Small Philharmonic Hall "Glinka" in St. Petersburg with Michael Boguslavsky
Unknown String Quartet Masterpieces
Chamber Music of Great Operatic Composers
performed on April 21, 1999 at the Small Philharmonic Hall "Glinka" in St. Petersburg
Chausson / Concerto for Piano, Violin and String Quartet
with Bela Davidovich & Dmitry Sitkovetsky
performed on June, 1998 at the Small Philharmonic Hall "Glinka" in St. Petersburg
Chamber Music of Great Symphonists
performed on January 28, 1998 at the Small Philharmonic Hall "Glinka" in St. Petersburg
From Mozart to Ellington
Happy Birthday
a program and CD, featuring light classical and jazz tunes, arranged for String Quartet, including original arrangements by the members of the N.Ph.Q., performed many times since 1995 in St. Petersburg, Turkey, Japan

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