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National melodies (folk, country), classical music and works of the contemporary composers, original and arrange for domras and mandolins

Sasha BOLDACHEV, harp
Born on 21 January 1990 in Leningrad. He began harp lessons when he was five years old in the Special School-Lyceum of St.Petersburg Conservatory (under direction of Prof. A. Varosyan). Prizewinner in International Harp competitions Competition Felix Godefroid (Belgium, 2000, First Prize), International Harp Festival-Competition named after Vera Dulova (Russia, 2000), International competitions of young composers named after Valery Gavrilin (St.Petersburg, Russia, 2000,2001, First and Third prizes).

Semion GOUREVICH, violin
Born on 14. July 1990 in Leningrad. Violin lessons since 1995 by his mother Dr. Loudmila Gourevich. Since 1997 at the Special School-Lyceum of St.-Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire (with Larissa Baranova). Prizewinner in International competitions “Classica nova” (Hannover, 1997, Third prize) and Kurt-Schwaen (Berlin, 1999, First Prize and Grand-prix).

Eugene SMIRNOV, vocal
Born on 6 Oktober 1989 in Leningrad. At the age of 7 he started the study at the St.-Petersburg Glinka Choir College (vocal with Nadeshda Mikhailova). Soloist of the famous Glinka College Children choir.




Harp & Violin & Vocal


1. Bach-Gounod. Ave Maria (mp3, 928 Kb)
2. Weckerlin. Young Flora
3. Hasselmans. Valse de Concert (mp3, 669 Kb)
4. Sinding. Gavotte
5. Schubert. Serenade (mp3, 609Kb)
6. Tournier. Lolita the dancer
7. Bulakhov. My blue-bells
8. Halvorsen. Spanish serenade
9. Naples folk song "Santa Lucia" (mp3, 888 Kb)
10. Rogaliov. The walk of two

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