Classical Music Petersburg

National melodies (folk, country), classical music and works of the contemporary composers, original and arrange for domras and mandolins


Alina Boguk
domra, mandolin,
the Laureate of International competitions

Tatiyana Kostyanaya
domra, mandolin,
the Laureate of International competitions

Irina Sharapova
, the Diploma of International competition, Professor of the St.Petersburg Conservatory

Russia, St.Petersburg


Domras-Mandolins & Piano Trio

The Russian Virtuosi Project is a new musical team, created by the known Petersburg's musicians. The trio is unique by the instruments and by repertoire. The combination of national instruments - Russian domras or Italian mandolins - and a classical piano gives
surprising effect.
In trio's repertoire are Russian and Italian national melodies, classical music and works of the contemporary composers.



Rimsky-Korsakov, Flight of the bumblebee , 1:09 (410 Kb, .mp3)

Paganini, Venetian Carnival
fragment, 1:58 (697 Kb, .mp3)

Tsigankov, Impromptu in Country Style
fragment, 1:57 (691 Kb, .mp3)

Beethoven, Andante with variations
fragment , 1:14 (439 Kb, .mp3)

Rossini, Overture of the opere
"La Gazza ladra" ("The Thieving Magpie")
fragment , 0:47 (282 Kb, .mp3)

Glinka, The Separation
fragment , 1:42 (604 Kb, .mp3)

Silvestri, The Serenade
fragment , 1:56 (683 Kb, .mp3)

Old File

Tsigankov, Padespan
fragment, 0:32 (132 Kb, .mp3)

These MP3-files should sound on standard audio players for Windows 98 (mplayer.exe). If you have problems with these files, you should download one of MP3-players, for example - Winamp
(go to download it, 500 Kb).


Russian folk music for domra

Original music for mandolins
Vivaldi, Concert for 2 mandolins G-dur
Vivaldi, Concert for 2 mandolins C-dur

Original music for domra
of contemporary composers
Slonimsky, Tsigankov, Shalov,

Russian, European and American
Classical and modern music
arrange for domras and mandolins

Rossini, Torelli, Fuketti, Silvestri,
Klemente, More, Paganini, Sarasate,
Rimsky-Korsakov, Glinka,

Russian Virtuisi Project
has recordid new CD
(Click for listern mp3 fragments):

  1. Veracini, Largo
  2. Vielgorsky - Vietan, It happened
  3. Sarasate, Navarra
  4. Sarasate, Gipsy strains
  5. Cassado, Dance of a green devil
  6. Kern - Frolov, The smoke
  7. Tsigankov, The dancing melodies

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Classical Music of St.Petersburg
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