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RUVO-classic Artists Management is offering master classes and coaching sessions under the auspices of the project "Two Centuries of Russian Classical Romance" with the goal of popularizing Russian vocal chamber music.

The teaching and coaching will be conducted by one of the noted experts on Russian vocal music, pianist Irina Sharapova (Professor at the St. Petersburg Conservatory, department of Accompaniment) and Russian singers who are participating in the project "Two Centuries of Russian Classical Romance."

The master classes and coaching are offered for singers and accompanists wanting to perfect their interpretation of Russian classical song. Individual musicians (singers and pianists) as well as vocal-piano duos (singer and pianist teams) may take part.

The primary focus will be on perfecting the interpretation of previously learned songs (2-3 pieces); learning a new song is possible, as well working on a selection of vocal repertoire which is the most appropriate for the individual singer.

Vocal and language coaching will be conducted through the performance of voice parts (or arias) from operas by Russian composers.

Both groups and individual musicians may take part in this program.

The programs are offered all year long; that is, musicians are accepted for study and coaching at any time that is convenient for them. The programs are held in Prague (Czech Republic) or in St. Petersburg (Russia). RUVO-classic Artists Management manages the enrollment of master class participants (hotel reservations, etc.).

To accommodate a group of musicians (singers and pianists) who would like coaching in the interpretation of Russian classical song, a teacher or teachers (Irina Sharapova and singers) can arrange to travel to any country.

To receive more information, please email us at isharapova (a)

  Thank to Joan Stepenske (US)
for translation of this text from Russian to English.


  The first CD of the Project "Two Centuries of Russian Classical Romance" (mp3, Real Audio)

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