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Like any great artistic project, "Two centuries of Russian Classical Romance" cannot be fully realised without sponsors. We offer to arrange sponsors' advertising on CD covers, Web-site, concert programs and posters.


RUVO classic offers to finalise contracts for concert cycles of the project "Two centuries of Russian Classical Romance".


Three Russian musicians - the pianist and great connoisseur of Russian vocal music and professor of the St.-Petersburg Conservatoire Irina Sharapova and two talented Russian singers - soloist of a Prague National Opera Sergej Ljadov (tenor) and Igor Gavrilov (bass) were united in the realization of the unique project "Two Centuries of Russian Classical Romance".

The project is intended to present the remarkable phenomenon of world culture - Russian classical romance (Art Song, Lied). Classical music lovers around the world will get acquainted with popular and unknown chamber vocal masterpieces of Russian composers from the beginning of XIX - end XX centuries - Tchaikovsky, Glinka, Rachmaninov, Rimsky-Korsakov, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Sviridov and others.

Over several years, musicians plan to record on CD hundreds of chamber vocal works by more than 50 Russian classical and contemporary composers. Many well-known Russian singers will be involved in these recordings apart from the founders of the project.

The musicians, in parallel with their work in the recording studio, have performance cycles of Russian Romances's concerts in many cities of the world.

Besides, the musicians is offering master classes and coaching sessions under the auspices of the project "Two Centuries of Russian Classical Romance" with the goal of popularizing Russian vocal chamber music.

The uniqueness of the project "Two centuries of Russian Classical Romance" consists not only in the volume of musical material performed, but also in most detailed representation of the project on the Internet. At the web-site all amateurs of classical music can find not only information on the preparation and release of the CD, and time-tables and programs of concerts, but also can study the biographies of Russian composers and poets, and read brief translations of romances and the history of their creation.

On the site for studying the romances are offered short MP3 and Real-audio fragments of them (20-30 seconds). For a small payment it is possible to download complete copies of the CD or separate romances in mp3-format. And, of course, by means of the internet it is possible not only to buy the already recorded CD, but also to order it prior to manufacture.

All the material about the two hundred year history of Russian classical Romance assembled on the web-site is planned to be released on several multimedia CD's.

The project "Two centuries of Russian Classical Romance" is carried out by RUVO-classic Artists Management.


  The first CD of the Project "Two Centuries of Russian Classical Romance" (mp3, Real Audio)

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