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RUVO classic Artists Management has been created by members of three countries: Czech Republic, Russia and Switzerland, especially to promote Russian classical vocal music in Europe and beyond.


The fundamental project, RUVO classic, is Two Centuries of Russian Classical Romance. RUVO classic will record the program of this project, organize cycles of concerts, and represent the project on the Internet.

Apart from the project Two centuries of Russian Classical Romance RUVO classic offers to concert agencies programs of Russian opera music.


RUVO classic guarantees the highest artistic standards of the programs and faultless selection and preparation of singers under the music direction of Irina Sharapova - professor St.Petersburg Conservatoire, pianist, and great connoisseur of Russian vocal classical music.


At the request of opera houses and concert agencies, RUVO classic can search as required for singers, pianists and other musicians in Russia.





Vlastimil Sedivy
(Czech Republic)




Frantisek Rychly (Switzerland)

Associate Director



Irina Sharapova (Russia)

Music Director



Alexander Boldatchev (Russia)

Publicity and Webmaster



Werner Bachmann (Switzerland)

  The first CD of the Project "Two Centuries of Russian Classical Romance" (mp3, Real Audio)

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